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Bracing, Simplified.

No Need To Sacrifice Quality For Cost

Developed around feedback from doctors and therapists, our catalog offers the highest quality and most sought-after braces at low to no cost to your facility or patient.

Committed To Helping People Heal

Through our nationwide bracing program, we’ve been able to successfully reduce lead times from 6 weeks to 4 days, with most orders fulfilled on the same day they’re received.

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Facilities

Say goodbye to wasting time, energy, and resources on trying to balance the quality and cost of the braces you provide your patients – get the perfect brace, every time.

Physicians’ Offices And Urgent Care Centers

We supply nebulizers, braces, splints, and crutches to physicians’ offices and urgent care centers throughout the Northeast so that they’re always prepared for their patients. Our program entails stocking an array of high-quality braces, and a variety of nebulizers, that are billed through the patient’s insurance upon receipt.

Mobile Prosthetics And Orthotics Lab

We make custom orthotics and prosthetics accessible on a regional level, meeting patients where and when it’s most convenient for them. Fitted and finished in one day, our braces are modified by a certified Prosthetist Orthotist in our state-of-the-art mobile lab.
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