Pro Medical East offers a unique program for nursing homes and rehab facilities. Why spend money on bracing and splinting for your patients when they can be covered by insurance?

At Pro Medical East, we offer facilities and therapists a quick and easy solution to provide your patients with all splints and bracing products they need. Pro Medical East bills the patients Medicare Part B/HMO insurance directly, so there is no cost to the facility for the brace.

The program is designed where you can send us a request for a brace as soon as the need for one comes up! There is no minimum or fitter necessary for us to order a brace.

Pro Medical East also has a discharge program for your Medicare Part A patients. At discharge, we can provide a brace to the patient and bill their insurance directly so the facility can save the brace they purchased for future use!

Pro Medical East designed a simple user-friendly bracing program. Here is a synopsis of the process.

  1. Facility – Fill out the Auth To Bill/Brace Request Form and send back to Pro Medical East together with patient face sheet. Auth To Bill must be signed by the therapist and the resident*.
  2. Pro Medical East – Complete eligibility check and confirm the brace request form is complete. Pro Medical East will then send a script for a Dr to fill and sign.
  3. Facility – Send signed script back to Pro Medical East.
  4. Pro Medical East – Ship out requested brace to facility. Braces are typically delivered in 2-5 business days.


For a copy of our catalog and brace request form, please see the downloads page!


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