Foot Drop Splint

Suggested HCPCS Code: L1930

  • Anatomical design compensates for atrophy and avoids calcaneus irritation
  • To be used for mild to moderate drop foot
  • Thin, flexible foot part can be trimmed with a pair of cast scissors
  • Excellent fit for most types of shoes
Product Number Side Size Shoe Size
16-0600 Right Small W: 5-8 M: <6
16-0601 Left Small W: 5-8 M: <6
16-0602 Right Medium W: 8.5-11 M: 6-9
16-0603 Left Medium W: 8.5-11 M: 6-9
16-0604 Right Large W: 11.5-13 M: 9.5-11
16-0605 Left Large W: 11.5-13 M: 9.5-11
16-0606 Right X-Large W: 13+ M: 11.5+
16-0607 Left X-Large W: 13+ M: 11.5+
Underlying Conditions:
  • Drop Foot
  • Ankle/Foot Contracture
  • Ankle/Foot Derangement
  • Osteoarthritis
Coverage Criteria: Patient is ambulatory with weakness or deformity of the foot and ankle requiring stabilization for medical reasons and has the potential to benefit functionally from the boot
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