Flexion Contracture Knee Brace

Suggested HCPCS Code: L1831

  • X strap for complete knee range of motion
  • Adjustable dials lock in to apply mild stretch
  • Side bars flex when patient draws inward, then brings the joint back to preset position
  • Gradually reset dials to work joint toward normal alignment and re-lengthen shortened tissue
Product Number Size Thigh Circ. Calf Circ.
11-0600 X-Small 8″-13″ 7.5″-11″
11-0601 Small 10″-15″ 8″-12″
11-0602 Medium 13″-17″ 10″-15″
11-0603 Large 16″-22″ 14″-18″
Underlying Conditions:
  • Knee Contracture
Coverage Criteria:
  • Patient has flexion or extension contractures of the knee with movement on passive range of motion testing of at least 10 degrees
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