Equinus Brace

Suggested HCPCS Code: L4396 & L2210x2

  • Only dorsiflexion brace that fully extends the leg
  • Ensures gastric-soleus stretch
  • Controls ankle joint placement
  • Engages windlass mechanism
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Underlying Conditions:

  • Plantar Fascial Fibromatosis
  • Contracture of Ankle
  • Contracture of Foot

Coverage Criteria: (Patient must meet one of the following criteria)

  • Plantar Fasciitis

Or all of the following:

  • Plantar flexion contracture of the ankle with dorsiflexion on passive range of motion testing (using Goniometer) of at least 10 degrees.
  • Reasonable expectation of the ability to correct the contracture
  • Contracture is interfering/expected to interfere significantly with functional abilities
  • Splint is used as part of therapy program including active stretching of the involved muscles/tendons

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